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December 11, 2009


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very fun, especially love the little gift boxes. wonderful as usual.

So, so cute! Thanks.

Lisa S.

Such creativity and talent. Thanks for sharing.
Rhadonda jarsedge@att.net

I absoultely love these!
Alicia A.

Ohhhh my gosh! These are SOOO cute! I am loving them! Something different from the clear glass ornaments...really refreshing! Thanks for sharing!

Love these, thanks so much for sharing. My wonderful husband got me a Silhouette a couple months ago and I love it. I love seeing everyone's creative projects, it really inspires me.

These are so cute. Love them. Looks like you have been having fun creating some wonderful items.

Wow, these look familar! Loni you are so talented!!! Way cute! I love them!

I love the ornament gift box, clever!

I. Love. These! So simple and yet so stinking adorable!

Those are awesome! Came here from Kerri Bradford's blog - these are just great!

What a cute idea. I am all over making these. Thanks for the idea and the giveaway. Fun stuff.

I love them! Thanks for wanting to share!


Boy would those look cute on my tree.. I hope my DH had taken my hints for a Silhouette this year.

These are so ADORABLE especially love the turquoise Winter Wonderland one! Thank you for a chance to win something this fun!

I love the winter wonderland. Awesome! My name should be clickable......don't want to put the ol' email address out there for everyone ;)

Kim B.

I would love to win these!
Connie Melancon

Awesome! Thanks for the instructions and the chance to win!!

I love these! They are so cute. I would love to have some in my house.

These are the MOST adorable little ornaments. I luv luv luv them. What a great idea. Thank you so much for sharing.

They are AWESOME!!! If I don't win ;) ;) I'll have to try and make some myself! Thanks for sharing. =)

I really like your design on the wood blocks. Thank you for the give away.

OH Loni you are truly talented. I am speechless...and quite envious. YOu rock, and I want them.

Erin Summerill
439 east 900 north pg.

I thought all that info would help you find me to give me those awesome things.

I LOVE the aqua "winter wonderland" the colors are so fresh and turq happens to be my favorite color. I really like the wood block idea, I could have used the box last night for a gift exchange I'm in this afternoon. Love your designs and will be looking for them to use on my silhouette.

They are so adorable - love all your words and the style - I have already cut out a few to use around my house - I have the ho ho ho cut in contact paper on my mantel

I love the little ornaments. That is such a great idea!

These are adorable! I would love to win a set.

wow - those are so cute - and complete with instructions - thanks! and would love to be a winner too!

These are so great-I love them. Thanks for the post!

SUCH a great idea and so cute! I love them! I also LOVE your photography. You are very talented! Would love to win . . . :) Merry Christmas!

Loni you are amazingly talented!
Deneen Cook

so creative! love these! Do you by chance have a vinyl machine?

Love them! I have a bunch of wood blocks from my Stampin' Up sets. I should make some smaller versions! Thank you for the instructions.

These are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. What great gifts they would be.

I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us.


Those ornaments are just too cute! I would just love to have some!

so darn cute! would love a chance..and I so love your work ...and your craft space! color me greeeen with envy ! ty

Am I missing something? I didn't see where to get the template for the gift boxes. Which are so stinkn cute.

Unfortunately I can't win these as I live in Canada boohoo.


These are FANTASTIC! Oh my gosh, just darling. I can't believe I now need to add a circular saw to my craft stash. :O)

You are so talented. Those are adorable gifts!

I would love these! I have a little one at home at have little time to hand make things this year! Hopefully next year I can get crafty! Thanks for the giveaway!

These are so so adorable. I love them. It's great that you are willing to share how you do it. This is is super way to get some use out of all the old scrapbook paper my mom has. I'll have to show her your site. Way cute. So are you selling them too? I'd love to buy some in a month or 2 when finances get back to normal from all the winter festivities.

The ornaments are SOOO cute! I love this idea and watching everyone's creativity always amazes me! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

OMG! These are so cute. I love the idea.

What a happy find on a Sunday afternoon! Love the houndstooth check. You should be able to access my email address through what I filled out when I logged this comment. Thanks!

Kathleen in Kansas

Adorable! I love the colors you used and the little boxes are so cute :)

Darling! (as usual) Merry Christmas!

Okay, now I know what my ornaments for next year are going to be! These are soooo cute. I love my silhouette. Thanks for sharing.

These are ADORABLE! Thanks for having this fun giveaway and Happy Holidays.

Such a cute idea to make and give for family and friends. I love to see all the things that you create...you are such and insperation. Thanks for the chance at the give-a-way

Insane talent! Thanks for sharing!

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