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January 28, 2010


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Project Life is fun. I completed Project 365 last year and it felt so good to accomplish it. Your heart on the window was cute. I am sorry it didn't reveal something better than a trash can. :(

oh my gosh...i'm so glad you DIDNT keep these to yourself...you've had me cracking up.

When I was living in Utah...i made a list of all the words I'd never heard of before. I should dig that list out...it's pretty funny.

The only one I can remember off the top of my head is "squooze" (trust me...there is not even a SPELLING that makes sense) but basically, it was used like a past-tense of squeeze.

"She squooze the lemon"

oh boy.

That's awesome, Janet! I am going back right now and doing Project 365 from last year, while getting ready to do Project Life for this year. It will be fun (and interesting) to work on both of them at the same time.

Favorite thing about public restrooms is when you are ON the toilet and it decides it needs to flush. Then the grossness shoots up and splatters on your bare booty!! Nasty! I hate public bathrooms too!!

Oh, and I am guilty of stopping for a rear view red light! lol I thought I was the only one!

"what the heck" is one of my top 3 phrases that i'm always throwing out. and i'm a born and raised Cali girl. lol!

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